our origins

In 1925 Ernesto Sacchi established in Milan a company specialized in ties and braces named La Ducale. In the 1950s the “economic miracle” allowed the company to expand and replace the production of ties with belts, but still keeping braces as core business, very much in vogue at that time.foto1

In the early 1970s the grand-nephew Ernesto Delliuomini took over the company; he introduced innovative ideas that speeded up the working methods thanks to the automated sewing and cutting machines. As result La Ducale increased its productivity and the quality of the products. During the early 1980s Ernesto started a fruitful cooperation with the clothing retailer Coin and together they launched a new line in braces using an innovative Cyrillic-style tissue that Ernesto discovered inside a Soviet fur. The idea appealed greatly to young people generating largeprofits for the company. Ernesto’s talent earned La Ducale the title of best braces producer in Italy; that helped him later to join the team of Chicco suppliers. Nowadays, Enrico Delliuomini, Ernesto’s son, successfully runs  the business. He moved the factory from Milan to Casirate d’Adda in order to expand production.

Keeping the name and tradition of the family business, Enrico has opened up to international markets and has become part of the film and television industry, supplying La Ducale products to the TV group Mediaset and participating in a number of very successful American films such as The Tourist.